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Offering a sense of purpose to addicts

Finding ways to encourage individuals with addiction disorders to try an engage in treatment can be a difficult task, and researchers have made many efforts to try and identify what can be done to try and motivate them to work harder towards their recovery.  For some they already have the motivation to overcome their addiction whether it be financial, social or psychological, and these can all be incredible motivators.  However, for some individuals, their own experiences, thoughts, emotions or even pressure from loved ones may not be enough to encourage them to access treatment, or even if it does, it may not be enough to ultimately overcome their disorder. 

However, new research has shown that for those who enter into rehab, one of the most successful motivators is a sense of purpose in life.  The researchers investigated what factors had the strongest association with successful recovery in cocaine abusers and found that those who had the lowest levels of purpose in life were significantly more likely to relapse, and that those with the highest levels were found to be far more likely to succeed in their treatment (Martin, MacKinnon, Johnson, & Rohsenow, 2011).

It is important for all of us to feel a sense of purpose in life, as without it we put ourselves at risk of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders, including addiction.  Unfortunately, trying to identify what will offer an individual a sense of purpose is not as simple as identifying it's importance.  It is therefore key that those who enter treatment in Rehab UK wide are offered the opportunity to consider this fact, and offered the chance to explore their skills, and desires in order to identify what may fulfill their lives.  If a sense of purpose can be gained, it could mean that an individuals will feel more empowered and ultimately have a far better chance of successful overcoming their addiction long term.

Published by on 08/06/2020.

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