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The human body is an amazing thing, it has many properties that allow humans to function at a very high level, and also recovery from attacks from the outside world.  The amazing properties of the human body have led to some incredible discoveries that have meant people are now living far longer than ever before, and are in many ways able to live much healthier lives.

The addiction field has also benefited from the discoveries that science has made, and one recent finding may have important implications for the treatment of cocaine addiction.  It appears that a newly found enzyme might be an important tool in the fight against cocaine addiction.  It has been shown that these enzymes are able to efficiently metabolize cocaine, and thus may prevent the drug from having the physiological effects normally associated with it's use (Science Daily, 2012).

If the effects of cocaine are removed it is believed that this will help reduce the use of the drugs, and will hopefully help encourage individuals to seek formal rehab therapy to help them overcome their addiction for good.  One of the most promising findings so far is that the treatment will only require relatively small amounts of the enzyme therapy to combat fairly high doses of cocaine. 

Although the treatment is still in the early stages of design, it shows promise for the future of addiction treatment, and may be able to drastically reduce the numbers of individuals who partake in cocaine usage, and could help promote the long term recovery for individuals.



Science Daily.  (2012).  Modeling of new enzyme helps develop therapies for cocaine abuse.  Sourced from:

Published by on 07/08/2020.

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