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In some rehab centres they consider detox and rehab as two very separate processes, and while they may likely include a very small amount of emotional support and activities, some treatment facilities take the view that detox should occur first before any rehabilitation is considered.  For some people this is the way they choose to approach their drug treatment, as some people feel overwhelmed by the prospect of the detox, let alone the idea that they may also have to undergo regular therapy sessions or engage in group activities.  In addition to this some people may respond to the detox with more sever symptoms and may be physically unable to engage in any other treatment during this time.

This can be a very useful apporach for some people, as they see it as a set of stages with small goals they need to achieve before progressing, and this can take some of the pressure off the process of recovery.  However, for some people they want to take the bull by the horns, and tackle as much as they are able as soon as possible.  For people who feel like this it may be better for them to be treated in an environment where not only will they detox from their physcial dependency to drugs, but they will also receive a fairly high level of support to overcome their emotional issues as well.

Some detox centers such as TTP Bradford (TTP Counselling) offer treatment in this way, a more holistic package where people can begin their emotional recovery from the off. 

But the most important aspect of any treatment options is that is tailored to the individual, and addresses their personal issues and needs.  This may include group therapy, individual support, or even complementary therapies.  However, no matter how a person chooses to approach their detox and consequent rehabilitation, it is important that they are offered the choice and given the freedom to choose what they feel would benefit them, as this is one of the best ways to maximise the chances of long term success.


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Published by on 10/07/2020.

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