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The dangers of new synthetic drugs

Despite the warnings we hear about well known drugs, such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin, some of the most dangerous drugs that people can get their hands on are actually the ones we know very little about.  Some people are turning to a new strain of synthetic 'legal' drugs that are attempts to try and recreate the 'highs' of some well known drugs such as those mentioned above, and unfortunately in many case people are under the belief that 'legal' means 'safe', and this is certainly not the case.

There are increasing numbers of reports documenting the danger of taking these new forms of drugs, and as they are coming into the mainstream, many of them are being almost instantly banned due to the risks they pose.  Some of the newer drugs have had much more press attention and warning printed about them than others.  The synthetic drug called 'bath salts' has gained itself a particularly bad reputation as it was in part due to that drug that a man attacked a homeless man in a cannibalistic way in Miami recently (Medical News Today, 2012).  Despite this being a very extreme instance of the drugs effect, those who have spoken out about the drugs negative influence have stated that it can have a very 'scary' effect and some have even been quoted as saying the effects feel 'evil' (Medical News Today, 2012).

But in some ways the most scary thing about any new drug is the fact that we have no real idea about what the effects may be, and even less idea about how to help people beat an addiction to them.  Even those who wish to enter into drug rehab for addiction to a new drug, may be faced with difficulties, as currently we do not have the knowledge to tackle this new breed of addiction.  This is made even more difficult as new drugs are constantly being developed, with some staying well under the radar for a long time, meaning that addiction centers are unable to keep up with changing trends, and may not be able to offer treatment suitable to 'new addictions'.

The dangers associated with drug addiction have been well documented, but as new drugs are being developed the dangers become more complex and less simple to understand and prevent.  Often it is only once an individual dies as a result of taking a new drug, that measures can be put into place to prevent it happening again, and this is just too late.  It seems that the only weapon we have against this new culture of drugs is educating people that no matter what the drug is, and how it is described, any form of recreational drugs should be avoided, in order to prevent serious consequences.



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Published by on 05/07/2020.

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