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The direct negative impact of marijuana use

Those who seek treatment for addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine, which are often considered to 'heavy hitters' in the drug community, have often gone through a long process of drug use.  Sometimes this starts at an early age, maybe with alcohol, but often becomes more serious as people make risky decisions, and may choose to try other substances.  One of the most commonly used substances, especially in initial drug experimentation is marijuana.  Often people choose to try marijuana first as they consider it the 'safest' drug to try, and due to the great deal of debate about the effects of the drug, individuals may be under the impression that the risk are over-dramatised.  Unfortunately they are not, and the negative effects of marijuana use can be quite intense and far reaching.  Aside from the direct effects of the drug, one of the most negative aspects is that it can affect people's decision making, and also increase their need for more intense 'high', which when combined can lead to use of more intense drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine or heroin. 

The direct negative impact of marijuana use can range from mild psychological disturbance to quite intense brain impairment (ABC News, 2010).  Encouraging individuals to seek help for marijuana abuse at rehab clinics can help prevent many of the negative side effects of the drug, and new research has identified a drug that may be able to aid people in their rehab efforts.  Researchers from America have found that a medication commonly used to treat epilepsy may also be able to help people recover from marijuana addiction (, 2012).  The drug appears to have a positive impact on withdrawal symptoms, and can help alleviate the stress that often occurs during the rehab process. 

This finding could help reduce the negative effects associated with drug detox and rehab, and may help individuals become drug free easier than before.  If people are able to successfully stop using marijuana it can have very positive affects on other areas of their life, and may help prevent people becoming addicted to more 'hard-core' drugs later down the line. 

ABC News.  (2010).  Early and chronic marijuana use may damage brain function, says study.  Sourced from:

Published by on 17/05/2020.

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