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The physical effects of long term cocaine use

There are a number of negative effects of drug use, and these can affect many aspects of people's lives.  However, some of the most devastating effects are the physical ones that drugs can have, which include damage to the body, and also the damage to the brain.

Cocaine has long been known to have a very drastic effect on both the body and the brain, but new research has suggested that one of the effects that has previously gone unnoticed is the fact that cocaine appears to drastically age the brain (, 2012). 

We are most of us aware that as our bodies age, so too do our brains, and his aging of the brain can have a huge impact on our lives, as it can lead to forgetfulness, changes in cognitive ability and even changes in personality.  The loss of gray matter in the brain can lead to drastic changes, and there is very little that can be done to remedy these changes.  However, although we cannot change the effects of natural aging, the best way to protect from premature aging associated with cocaine use is to educate individuals about the risks, and help them to seek help at a rehab center if necessary. 

Understanding the risks of drug abuse does not always encourage individuals to seek treatment, but there are certainly instances where the warnings do make an impact and can help prevent people trying drugs in the first place, or can help encourage them to attend a detox or rehabilitation center to change their live for the better.  (2012).  Chronic cocaine use may hasten aging of the brain.  Sourced from:

Published by on 22/05/2020.

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