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Underestimating the destruction addiction can bring

When people succumb to the disease of addiction, they rarely do it in an attempt to actively destroy their lives, but more commonly in an attempt to escape from them.  Unfortunately, addiction is a very destructive force, and people often underestimate the chaos that drug use can bring, and are often unwilling to accept the negative impact it can have on their health and well-being.

Drugs such as cocaine are well known to be dangerous, and cause health complications, but many people chose to gloss over these facts in preference for the pleasurable effects it can have.  Researchers are still discovering new dangers of drugs such as cocaine, but the message remains clear; that they carry inherent risks and should be avoided to keep people safe.  For example, recent findings have shown that cocaine use can lead to increased risks of hear attacks, and heart damage, which could potentially be prevented if individuals did not use the drug (Medical News Today, 2012).  It is true that as these new risks are discovered, sometimes they may not be highlighted strongly enough, and thus the researchers thus suggest that increased education about the risks of cocaine and similar drugs may be necessary to help people understand the damage they are causing to their bodies, and hopefully help encourage people to engage in addiction rehab to help them recover for their addiction and possibly increase their life-span considerably. 


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Published by on 29/11/2020.

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