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Withdrawal symptoms make drug addictions extremely hard to overcome

Trying to beat a drug addiction can be a long haul process, and while all drug addictions have their complications, making them difficult to overcome, there are certain drugs that have a greater physical impact on the body, making it actively more difficult to beat.  Drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine have such a powerful effect on the brain that when people try to stop using these drugs, they find themselves physically ill from the withdrawal, and thus return to using them.

These unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can make drug addictions extremely hard to overcome, and when you add in the emotional and psychological issues that often accompany drug use, it can often seem like an insurmountable task.

It is for this reason that in many cases it is necessary for individuals to use a rehab drug, as often medications can be the only way for individuals to overcome the physical dependency, and it also allows them more freedom to explore the underlying issues associated with their drug use. 

Recent research has found a new and powerful medication that can be used to assist in the treatment of methamphetamine addiction, and the results show that not only do people who use it have reduced physical dependency, they were also significantly more likely to engage in further treatment looking at other problems associated with their drug use (Addiction Treatment Magazine, 2012). 

These findings show how beneficial medications can be in the treatment of drug addiction, as it helps them overcome their physical dependency on the drug, but also an opportunity to utilise other treatment methods to overcome their addiction in a holistic way.



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Published by on 14/09/2020.

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